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Patio Shades

Affordable Patio Shades | West Hollywood, LA

Our enormous selection of top-quality patio shades provides everything you need to keep your home cool and comfortable. Fit custom shades to your courtyard, patio or gazebo to get the most out of these outdoor spaces. We offer every type of product you could need, including low-cost motorized shades and waterproof patio shades in any size necessary. Whatever style you need, our West Hollywood-based experts are ready to help you.

Custom Outdoor Shades in West Hollywood

Sunshine from overhead can easily cause people to overheat and burn. That means you’ll often find it difficult to get the most out of your patio or courtyard. If you can’t get any shelter from the blazing sun, you’ll have to go inside instead. However, if you choose our custom overhead patio shades for your property, you can easily prevent this problem. You can easily adjust the amount of sunlight to provide a comfortable experience all day long. Our overhead patio shades offer plenty of different options to suit any property.

The Pros of Outdoor Sun Shades

Deciding how well protected your patio stays during peak sunlight hours will help you in various ways. Our custom patio shades offer comfort and convenience throughout the day. We can make them waterproof as well as motorized. Remote exterior shades allow you to easily control how much cover your patio has. The same goes for gazebos, courtyards, and all other types of enclosed areas. Want exterior sun shades that cost a little and give a lot? Then you need to see what we can offer you.

Inexpensive Waterproof Patio Shades

Sun isn’t the only problem for patio users. A quick downpour can easily stop you from enjoying yourself, and can also cause damage to your outdoor furniture. Why not protect yourself from rain as well as sun with our range of waterproof patio shades? You’ll still have plenty of excellent design options to pick from, and our impressive range of materials and finishes guarantees a great match for any property. See how your home could benefit by getting a free quote today.

Motorized Exterior Shades

It can be tiresome to adjust your patio shades throughout the day. You can ensure that your property is always comfortable by installing custom motorized exterior shades instead. Rather than going over and adjusting each shade by hand, you can do everything with a simple button-press instead. That makes it simple to keep bugs on the outside and pets on the inside, whilst also protecting your patio from dazzling sunlight. Our custom motorized shades cost less than you might think. Why not get a free consultation at your West Hollywood property today and find out?

Custom Patio Shades – West Hollywood's Best Covering Experts

We offer a truly personal service for our customers in and around West Hollywood. If you’d like to see exactly how our patio shades can improve your home, we’ll happily find a time to visit you. Our representatives provide free quotes and estimates, too, so you can see just how affordable our custom patio shades can be. Get the most out of your home by contacting our team today.


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