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Answers For Popular Questions About Blinds

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Answers For Popular Questions About Blinds

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Learn important facts about window shades and blinds and receive practical advice - all in one place. This FAQ page offers the perfect read to those looking to make improvements to their homes and offices.

How important is the cell size of cellular shades?

It depends on what you're trying to achieve. In terms of visibility, the bigger the cells are, the more privacy you will have. Additionally, a larger cell size results in a lower overall weight of the window coverings. In general, shades with bigger cells are best suited for bigger windows and small ones for smaller panels. But that's not a hard and fast rule.

Which blinds are best suited for the bathroom?

Seeing as there's a high percentage of moisture in the air, bathroom blinds need to possess certain waterproof attributes. Let's ignore light control and aesthetics for a moment. Vinyl or faux wood blinds can make for great, maintenance free additions to bathroom windows. Now, if you're looking for fabric shades with some texture and style, perhaps you should opt for synthetic fibers. Those tend to be unsuitable for mold and mildew growth, which is exactly what you want.

Can fabric window coverings be washed?

It depends on the type and the material. Usually, shades shouldn't be machine washed. Some can be hand washed by soaking them in the bathtub. Some shade fabrics are built to be resistant to dust and stains. You can maintain them with regular dusting and vacuuming, just remember to use either a feather duster or the upholstery attachment.

What blinds are best for angle top windows?

You can consider vertical blinds for tall angle top windows. They will certainly create an awesome setting and enhance the decor. For smaller glass panels, you may want to use cellular shades. They can be easily customized without any limitations when it comes to size and shape. For more information, consult with our team at West Hollywood Blinds & Shades.

How do I choose window shades for the nursery?

You should focus only on window treatment models that are compliant with child safety regulations. It is best if they do let some light in while offering the required level of privacy. Pastel colors are always a good choice. In terms of childproof options, consider cordless and also motorized shades. They provide peace of mind, as well as convenience. To find out more about different childproof blinds and shades simply contact us for a free consultation.


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