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June 28, 2016
We explore the best blind designs available that keep out as much light as possible. If you need darkness during the day or pitch black at night, scroll down to learn more. Intuitively, one might want blinds that will allow maximum privacy and illumination at the same time. However, if you like watching movies, work on your computers or play video games, even the slightest sun-ray can be a great disturbance. If you need toRead More
Get perfect control over the light levels in your living spaces and entertainment areas with these window blinds that are perfect for darkening your rooms.Read More
Having perfectly fitted window blinds set up over your windows at home can do wonders for its sense of style, privacy and light control. But fitting them perfectly can be another matter when you are not sure of how to go about things. Here is a little advice to help you get it just right every time, so that you can enjoy all of the aesthetic and functional benefits of your shades. Inside or outsideRead More